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The widespread use of tissue cultures in the production of viral vaccines during the 1960’s brought to the fore the need for high quality serum as a component of cell culture medium. Based at a 100 acre isolation farm in Hampshire, England, a company was formed in the spring of 1974 to fill this need. From that beginning, Selborne Biological Services Ltd. (Selborne) has grown to become a leading specialist in the production of blood-based products, protein fractions, custom polyclonals and other animal related products and services for the biotech, pharmaceutical, diagnostic and veterinary industries.

In the late 1980s, the outbreak of Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy (BSE), combined with Sheep Scrapie disease in the United Kingdom posed significant problems for manufacturers of biological medicines utilizing serum. This realisation prompted Selborne to turn their attention to the Southern Hemisphere, to countries known to be free of BSE and Sheep Scrapie. Australia and New Zealand were ideal, having economies based heavily on agriculture, an animal health status which was excellent, and importation of animals strictly monitored.

Operations were quickly established at Tauranga, New Zealand, followed in 1992 by a manufacturing site in Longford, Tasmania, Australia. In 1997, Selborne sold the Tauranga site to Hyclone AB (a subsidiary of Perstop AB of Sweden, now part of the Thermo Fisher Scientific) so that Selborne could focus its manufacturing operations in Tasmania. Conditions on the island of Tasmania were ideal for a biological based operation since it is an isolated location some 150 miles south of the Australian mainland across the Bass Strait. This Longford facility was expanded in 1998 and is now the main manufacturing site for Selborne’s global operations. This facility has production capabilities for a variety of serums and proteins, including significant large animal facilities for the production of custom polyclonal antiserums.

In 2005, Selborne continued its expansion through the formation of a USA affilliate based in Logan, Utah. The US office serves as the global center for Selborne's Sales and Marketing activities. The UK facility continues to produce immunoglobulin products from a wide variety of animal species as well as performing sales and administrative functions.

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