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Tasmania, Australia

Australian animals

Selborne’s principal manufacturing facilities are located in the rural community of Longford on the north end of Tasmania, Australia’s magnificent island state. “Tassie” as the locals call it, is perhaps best known for its distinctive wildlife, including “Tassie Devils”, “Roos”, Wallabies, Wombats, Bandicoots, Kookaburras, and a host of other amazing creatures. The northern end of Tassie is also home to scenic landscapes surrounding the Tamar River and the spectacular Cataract Gorge.

Conveniently located near Launceston airport, Longford is ideally situated as a biologics manufacturing site. With increasing concerns over the safety of biological products and pharmaceuticals manufactured using animal derived materials, Tasmania offers a safe haven from both a sourcing and manufacturing viewpoint. Australia has been awarded the lowest level of risk (ranked 1 on a scale of 1-4) for BSE contamination by the European Scientific Steering Committee on the geographical risk of BSE. Located some 150 miles across the Bass Strait, south of Australia’s mainland, Tasmania offers the added benefit of further isolation, having no common borders.

This Tasmania site consists primarily of the following:

 •  cGMP manufacturing facility for a range of protein based cell culture products, human therapeutics and biochemicals for use in diagnostic or research applications;
 • Significant areas of dedicated farm land for the grazing of animals used in various production processes, including the manufacture of custom polyclonal antisera;
 • Full complement of support staff in QA, QC, Logistics, HR and Administration;
One of Selborne’s cGMP manufacturing facilities for serum

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