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Cell Culture

LipiMAX® is a highly purified lipid concentrate or lipoprotein solution for use as a cell culture media supplement. It is derived from adult bovine serum of Australian origin and comprises a balanced profile of naturally occurring cholesterol, phospholipids and essential fatty acids.

LipiMAX® comes in multiple versions for better optimization to your specific cell culture application. All versions have undetectable IgG levels and come with an EDQM Certificate of Suitability.

Call the Selborne office nearest you to see which version is right for your bioprocessing needs.

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Product Description Unit Size   Part #
LipiMAX® Original version for general cell culture use
(approx. 30 g/L total protein)
1000 mL ABL01-005
  100 mL ABL01-003
LipiMAX® Low protein modification (< 18 g/L) of original version 1000 mL ABL02-005
  100 mL ABL02-003
LipiMAX® Low protein modification (< 18 g/L) optimized for biopharmaceutical manufacturing use 1000 mL ABL03-005
  100 mL ABL03-003
LipiMAX®  Proprietary modification with slightly higher protein (approx. 30 g/L) optimized for biopharmaceutical manufacturing and cell culture applications 1000 mL ABL04-005
  100 mL ABL04-003

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Custom packaging and volumes available by request.

Product part numbers in gray indicate this product or packaging volume is typically made to order and may not be in stock. Please call for availability or scheduling times.

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