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Polyclonal Products

The best kept goats in Tasmania, producing biodefense polyclonal antibodiesSelborne offers a broad range of customized services in the areas of antisera and antiplasma production for both research and biotherapeutic applications. The use of animals such as sheep, goats, cattle and horses for production purposes and associated husbandry issues are carried out in accordance with established animal welfare guidelines, including routine monitoring of their health, the adequacy of feed and water supplies, and preventative health maintenance treatments.

The best kept sheep in Tasmania, producing biodefense polyclonal antibodiesDonor animals to be used in production are purchased from approved suppliers to provide a traceable history and certify health and vaccination status. Prior to admission to any donor program, all animals are subject to an appropriate quarantine period.

Custom services include:

 •  Development of immunisation schedules to optimise titre levels
 • Sourcing of appropriate animals and herds/flocks
 • Small and large scale production optimisation
 • Purification of antibodies

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